Advita Patel – #ThisLittleGirlIsMe campaign

I wasn’t what you’d call a confident child. I was scared of most things, from flying insects to playground slides. They once had to shut down a ride because I was afraid to step off a rotating circle.This carried on throughout my teenage years. It didn’t help that we moved to a town in Manchester […]

Step up and call out my reflections

I first became aware of Sam* when my manager at the time told me we had merged with an organisation and we were going to inherit a new communications lead. My manager had a meeting with Sam first, and when she came back from the conversation, she said: “It went ok, but I think she […]

Five practical tips to help you work with a challenging line manager

Hands up if you have had to deal with a line manager who has been a bit challenging? Sadly, it’s not a unique situation. There’s a reason why Hollywood decided to invest millions developing a story line about Horrible Bosses, not only once but TWICE. Regardless of what level you are in your organization, you […]