Talking Imposter Syndrome with Advita Patel

Photo credits: Gail Gazelle MD, At our June 2021 NEST Insight Session, Advita Patel (she/her) poignantly integrates her own experiences as a woman of colour and discusses strategies to overcome our inner critic, more commonly known as ‘imposter syndrome’. Imposter syndrome Imposter syndrome is when a person does not believe that they deserve what […]

Boosting your confidence with Advita Patel

Photo credits: Advita Patel (she/her) helps boost confidence in her June 2021 NEST Insight Session. What is confidence? Confidence is the feeling of having little doubt in yourself and your abilities. This differs slightly from self-esteem, which refers to how a person values their sense of worth. A person with high confidence may not […]

Advita Patel – #ThisLittleGirlIsMe campaign

I wasn’t what you’d call a confident child. I was scared of most things, from flying insects to playground slides. They once had to shut down a ride because I was afraid to step off a rotating circle.This carried on throughout my teenage years. It didn’t help that we moved to a town in Manchester […]

Step up and call out my reflections

I first became aware of Sam* when my manager at the time told me we had merged with an organisation and we were going to inherit a new communications lead. My manager had a meeting with Sam first, and when she came back from the conversation, she said: “It went ok, but I think she […]

Five practical tips to help you work with a challenging line manager

Hands up if you have had to deal with a line manager who has been a bit challenging? Sadly, it’s not a unique situation. There’s a reason why Hollywood decided to invest millions developing a story line about Horrible Bosses, not only once but TWICE. Regardless of what level you are in your organization, you […]