ALLMe S1:E12 Underline your power, don’t undermine it with Shalini Gupta

Don’t let being a minority hold you back from anything. Underline your power, don’t undermine it. Celebrate yourself.” In our twelfth and last episode of season one, we welcomed Shalini Gupta. Shalini Gupta. Shalini is a founding #ALLME member and #CIPRInside committee member with 15+ years in various communications roles at top FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies across […]

ALLMe S1:E11 Breakfast Culture™ with Jefferson Darrell

As people of colour, we often don’t ask for what we deserve.” On S1:E11, we welcomed Jefferson Darrell, Founder and CEO of Breakfast Culture and thought leader for Culture, Inclusion, Equity & Diversity. Tune in now to learn about Jefferson Darrell’s change management, intersectionality, marketing communications and EDI/DEI journey, especially in the last decade as […]

ALLMe S1:E10 Blackbelt Voices with Adena J. White, APR

“Some people think that if it is not about me, it is not for me.” To move forward and make progress, we must do it together. When you are used to being centred most of the time, seeing and hearing others -not like you – be centred and focused on, is uncomfortable. We must lean […]

ALLMe S1:E9 Overcoming Diversity Fatigue w/ Jade Pichette

“Every human has inherent value. It is our society that stops people from having access and not necessarily the disabilities themselves.” In episode nine of Amplifying Diverse Voices, Priya Bates (she/her) and Advita Patel (she/her) have an open conversation with Jade Pichette (they/them), Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and, Accessibility Professional and Manager of Programs at Pride […]

ALLMe S1:E8 Pocstock with Derrick Larane

Are you tired of seeing the same stock imagery that seems to reflect the biases already present in our society? In episode eight of the Amplifying Diverse Voices podcast, hosted by Priya Bates (she/her) and Advita Patel (she/her), we were delighted to welcome Derrick Larane, Chief Operating Officer @pocstock. Pocstock is a global stock media platform […]

Improving your Mental Health with Chetna Bhatt

Chetna Bhatt is a certified executive coach, part-time in-house employment lawyer and speaker. As founder of Being Lawyers, she helps lawyers and other professionals uncover their innate wellbeing so that they can fulfil their potential without the risk of burnout. Setting the scene Chetna once experienced overthinking and overanalyzing, wanting to people-please and continuous worrying, […]

ALLMe S1:E7 You are not one, you are 10,000 with Olivia Bussey

“When doors are opening, don’t just walk through them – fly. When you are the only ‘different’ person in the room, you not only stand as one, you stand as 10,000 of you.” In S1:E7 of the Amplifying Diverse Voices podcast, hosted by Priya Bates (she/her) and Advita Patel (she/her), we were delighted to welcome […]

ALLMe S1:E6 The blind spot of masculinity with Don McPherson

Welcome to our Amplifying Diverse Voices podcast, hosted by Priya Bates (she/her) and Advita Patel (she/her). In our sixth episode, we welcomed Don McPherson, a veteran of the National Football League (NFL) and Canadian Football League (CFL). Don is the 2021 recipient of the William Pearson Tolley Medal for Distinguished Leadership in Lifelong Learning, presented […]

ALLMe S1:E5 Speaking to yourself with kindness with Mubashira Farooqi

Communications is all about building meaningful relationships and extending our experiences and knowledge to connect with others. As a dedicated and ambitious PR professional, Mubashira (she/her) is at the frontline of media relations, storytelling, writing, design and strategic communications planning. Her experience working in communications combined with my education and passion for equity and inclusion […]

Preparing for your next Interview with Eleanor Tweddell

Photo credit: Another Door Eleanor Tweddell is the founder of Another Door and author of “Why losing your job could be the best thing that could happen to you” with over 20 years of experience in corporate communications. Eleanor shared the following frameworks and tips to help you prepare for your next interview: Shock: Ask […]