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Invest in Women #IWD2024

For me, hashtag#IWD2024 is an opportunity to reflect on what’s accelerated progress for gender equity in the past 12 months and what needs to happen in the next 12 months.

We shouldn’t need a reminder once a year. However, at our current rate of progress, we’re still 286 years away before we close legal gaps and remove discriminatory laws, approximately 140 years before women are represented equally in positions of power and leadership in the workplace, and around 40 years before we achieve equal representation in national parliaments.

When you include other intersectionalities such as race, sexuality, age and disability – more years are added on.

So, asking women and other people to display a love heart with their hands isn’t going to address the systemic barriers and the patriarchy we face daily.

Telling women they need to work harder so they can have it all or go on a leadership course isn’t going to solve misogynist behaviour.

So please avoid platitudes and performative measures and take today to think about what meaningful actions you can implement to accelerate progress and hashtag#InvestInWomen.

Thank you to all the women and allies who continuously work, all year round, to ensure women like me can succeed.

I see and appreciate all of you.

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