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Our services

We work with global multi-cultural organisations to embed a culture of inclusion through effective communication and change management strategies

Our blended, inclusive services include:

Culture Reviews
We assess and enhance your culture for greater inclusivity and diversity.
We navigate organizational change with a focus on inclusivity and human dynamics
We guide your digital transformation journey, ensuring technology adoption enhances your organisational culture
Communication Audits
We identify communication gaps to build a more informed and cohesive workplace
Experience & Engagement
We help you craft a workplace that prioritises the engagement of every employee, creating an environment where everyone feels valued.
and mentoring
We empower leaders and teams to foster a supportive and inclusive environment.
and Workshops
We equip your team with the skills to promote inclusivity through practical insights.
at events
Our experts inspire and educate on the importance of inclusivity in the workplace by sharing actionable insights.

Steps on how you can work with us

  1. Set up a 30-minute discovery call, where you can share where you need the support and your key objectives. At this stage, Priya and Advita will listen and ask questions to ensure they understand your brief correctly.

  2. Following the first step, Priya and Advita will put together a tailored proposal for approaching the challenges you shared.

  3. The proposal will be sent back within seven working days for you to review and discuss internally.

  4. A follow-up meeting will be arranged for Priya and Advita to discuss the proposal in more detail and for you to ask questions about the process.

  5. Once the proposal is confirmed, you will be sent a Statement of Work based on the final proposal.

  6. All contracts and supplier processes are to begin once the Statement of Work has been returned.

Empower your teams: Inclusivity workshops for effective communication and leadership

If you’d like some support in helping your teams understand inclusivity and the role communications and leaders can play, below is a selection of the types of workshops we offer, which can be delivered virtually or in person:
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Podcast episodes 

It was an informative, engaging talk that made me think differently about inclusive communications. 

Priya and Advita are renowned speakers in Internal Communications and Inclusive Culture. They’ve spoken at various global events, delivering informative talks and workshops.

If you’re interested in working with Priya and Advita together or individually, please complete the speaking form, and someone from the team will get in touch.

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We’re ready assist aspiring leaders to develop courage: confront real and perceived barriers, seize future opportunities.

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