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This Diversity, Equity and Inclusion guide ensures everyone in your company feels like they belong and are valued.
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Building a Culture of Inclusivity

In our new book, Building a Culture of Inclusivity, we bring real-life experience in delivering effective DEI communications. The book is separated into two parts. It first lays out the foundations of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, such as the importance of trust and the role of the internal communication professional.

The second part provides practical frameworks and models to develop and strengthen your DEI strategy. We believe in the importance of sincerity in DEI, so we explain throughout how to identify and move away from performative tokenistic actions and biases. Finally, it delivers guidance on how to offer change consistently and what techniques you will need to deploy to avoid inauthenticity.

Diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) have never been so important in organizations and yet many feel inadequately prepared. In this guide, we combine our expert knowledge to provide a practical approach to bridge this skills and knowledge gap for those delivering Internal Communications.

Navigating DEI language can be difficult, but Building a Culture of Inclusivity will help Internal Communication professionals, HR and business leaders engage employees in driving culture change to ensure everyone feels valued and like they belong. We provide a roadmap to manage tangible change consistently throughout the year and techniques that avoid inauthenticity. We also explain how to identify and move away from performative tokenistic actions and biases to help develop effective deliverables that help every colleague in their organization feel included.

We offer support for conversations with leaders to help them drive the diversity agenda and understand the importance of cultivating a culture of inclusivity across their workforce through their internal communications. Inherently practical, Building a Culture of Inclusivity provides case studies of exemplar DEI communications, exercises for self-assessment and templates to complete to identify goals and strategies. Written by two experienced Internal Communication Professionals, this book will help you understand how to construct and sustain an inclusive workplace where progress leads to results.