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Strategy Versus Tactics – A NEST Insight Session with Priya Bates

Why do some businesses prosper and remain sustainable? The answer is very simple, they follow a clear and concise plan which is embedded with tactics to reach their target. A strategy provides direction and tactics are how the strategy is put into action.

At our monthly insight sessions, The Nest members had the opportunity to learn more about strategy & tactics from their very own Priya Bates who is the co-founder of A Leader Like Me. Priya is an award-winning professional communicator and certified Strategic Communication Management Professional. Priya is also recognized internationally by IABC for lifetime achievement and contributions to the Communication profession globally.

Priya started with a quote by Ellie Pidot, “Strategy is a fancy word for coming up with a long-term plan and putting it into action.” The truth is, strategy and tactics are not separable, they go hand in hand. Thinking strategically and creating a roadmap with appropriate tactics is the method to be followed by individuals and businesses. Priya, further explained why it matters to be strategic using a quote from the movie Alice in Wonderland where Alice meets the Cheshire Cat at a fork in the road.

It is always important to know where you want to go and be sure of the path towards it, Priya said. Otherwise, you are simply using “The Pasta Principle,” where you throw a bunch of ideas and see what works. This can lead to failures and inefficiencies.

The important points to remember when thinking of strategy and tactics according to Priya are:
1. Choose who you want to be in a project – a leader who makes the strategy and decisions or the individual who executes
2. Ask questions about what success look like. This should include goals and the targets to be achieved
3. Plan well beforehand, execute the plan and measure the results.
4. Learn to brag about your contribution to the success of the project/assignment and remember to take the credit
5. It is important to narrow down on strategy and not say yes to all the ideas, saying no is important too as it ensures you spend more of valuable time on the work that matters.

The key to the session was encouraging members to have a strategic discussion with the team before the start of the project to define the plan and the goals. Priya insisted on mapping the journey even before the project has started. Strategy and tactics should co-exist for the success of any business or even for personal development. However, it is important to remember even the best of strategies and tactics can be a failure without proper use of resources and direction.

The insightful conversation was an eye-opener for all the members of NEST.

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