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Preparing for your next Interview with Eleanor Tweddell

Photo credit: Another Door

Eleanor Tweddell is the founder of Another Door and author of “Why losing your job could be the best thing that could happen to you” with over 20 years of experience in corporate communications.

Eleanor shared the following frameworks and tips to help you prepare for your next interview:

Shock: Ask yourself ‘where am I at today?’. Relax your shoulders and embrace the moment. Give yourself the space you need. It is okay to feel confused, shocked or low. After relaxing your shoulders, write a letter to the closing door. Saying goodbye to the past can provide closure, especially when you’re feeling angry or distraught. Applying this step can help you feel more ready for the future.

Stuck: Reframe negatives into positives. Reframing allows opportunities and ideas to flow more freely, which can help a person build greater curiosity and self-confidence. For example, feeling stuck can be a good thing, as it is a sign of being ready to face forward and open up. Ask yourself questions like “what did I achieve?” or “what was I great at?” to remember your moments of greatness and growth.

Slow Go: Get clear about what you really want. Envision your ideal tomorrow and use your story.What would you bring with you, and what would you leave behind? What are your values and passions that you can integrate into your next job? You may also frame these questions in two steps: what you need right now, and what you want in the long-term. Prioritize your needs and wants to further build your confidence.

Unstuck: Be intentional. Keep it simple. Think of one thing today that will bring you one step closer to your goal. Just one, and do it every day to build momentum. Also, be aware of your tribe – the people around you who produce positive energy and help you move forward. Remember that positive energy can also be absorbed from books you read and podcasts you listen to. Use mind maps and sketches to visualize your progress and journey.

Thrive. If you want to succeed, power through your fear. Rejections, ghosting and failure are normal. This is part of you breaking out of your comfort zone and stepping into the magic zone. Keep moving forward and preserve your positive energy for you. The next door will eventually open.

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