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Self Investment for Self Development

We often don’t take time out to invest in ourselves. Our time is always filled with a countless number of responsibilities that we often prioritize over our own self development. 

When Prarthna Thakore joined A Leader Like Me she saw it as an opportunity to invest in her self development. In fact, she describes A Leader Like Me as “an opportunity for women of color, regardless of the industry they work in, to join a community of like-minded women with similar life and work experiences.” She reiterates the importance of taking time to invest in oneself, and the program surpassed her expectations. 

Not only did she learn from the experienced founders of the program, experts in their fields, but she learned from her peers – the other women who were also part of the program. Through conversations with the other members, she had the opportunity to learn how other  people from marginalized backgrounds dealt with similar situations. Prarthna notes that it was important for her to share and learn from other women whom she could relate to and share similar experiences. 

As a result of what she learned in the Flight Program of A Leader Like Me, she has seen her personal brand and reputation blossom. Not only has she stepped up to speak on various panels, podcasts & webinars; she’s also contributed to blogs. The icing on the cake was being recognized by her employer for an internal business award. There was a definite shift in her confidence.  

A Leader Like Me had such a positive impact on Prarthna that she has provided testimonials and has recommended it on her social media pages. She recommends the program to women of colour who want to elevate and advance themselves and grow both personally and professionally. 

Today, Prarthna has a standing appointment with herself to continue to dig deeper and work on herself. She honors that appointment by revisiting the masterclasses from the program, listening to podcasts or reading a book. Her next adventure? A move back home to Calgary, Alberta Canada. She knows that the relationships developed and skills built will serve her well on this next life adventure.

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