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Taking Ourselves to the Next Level

After being promoted to Head of Communications, Nisha Spearman experienced a lack of self-confidence. Being one of very few people of colour in the senior leadership team compounded those feelings. Nisha joined A Leader Like Me to meet like-minded people who were in a similar position and to work on raising their confidence in a supportive setting.

“It was an excellent international program full of new ideas, resources, tools and concepts for people from marginalized backgrounds,” they said, “we came together to support one another and to take ourselves to the next level.”

Prior to joining the program, Nisha expressed hesitance to share opinions, noticing other colleagues were more forthcoming. “ A Leader Like Me helped me be more confident in speaking up and sharing my thoughts and ideas without second guessing myself.” Nisha had the opportunity to speak at a conference, which was also organized by the founders of A Leader Like Me.

Nisha really valued making great friends with people who were also part of their cohort. Through those connections, they have built a community of others who are happy for their achievements and are also there to stand by their side and be a support.

Through being paired with someone for one-on-one buddy sessions, Nisha was able to gain a new perspective and said it was great to have conversations with someone who shared similar but different experiences like they had and be able to reflect together.

They explained that for a 12-week program, it is really good value for money, considering the opportunities that are available through the program. Many coaches charge more for one session then members pay for the annual Flight program. Nisha noticed themselves and their peers starting to step forward and put their hands up for speaking opportunities, guest blogs, and promotions they would not have ever considered before the program.

Among the great resources and tools that participants gain from A Leader Like Me, they are also able to go back and watch the recordings. Nisha reiterates that this makes them feel like they are not missing out on any of the valuable content.

A Leader Like Me had such a wonderful lasting impact on Nisha, so much that they have already recommended the program to family members and colleagues. Nisha said they have more courage and are able to wholly embrace themself in professional settings. They encourage anyone who faces similar systemic barriers to join.

A Leader Like Me is an empowering community for women and non-binary people of color who want the courage and confidence to progress in their careers.

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