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The Privilege Pyramid

I’m often called brave for speaking up and sharing my thoughts. But I disagree.

I’m not brave; I have more privilege than others, so I can afford to speak up and share my thoughts openly.

I don’t need permission from my boss or organisation. I don’t have to worry too much about the pipeline of work as I know I’ll always have a roof over my head if it all goes away tomorrow. I don’t need to stress about people not liking me because I’ve had the opportunity to work on my confidence.

I speak up because so many others don’t have the privilege or the chance. I spent years keeping my head below the parapet because I didn’t always have the privileges I do today.

But you’ll never catch me telling some bloke on the train to keep it down or challenge a group of teenagers on the street who are shouting obscenities. My privilege doesn’t quite reach that far.

In our book, Building a Culture of Inclusivity, we created the Privilege Pyramid, which breaks down the different layers of privilege a person can have.

This allows people to understand why it’s easier for some to speak up or gain opportunities but not for others.

It’s also a great model for communication leaders and leaders in general when they are crafting their messages.

What are your thoughts on privilege? Is it something you think about in your workplace?

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