My body, My choice: A law that travels back in time.

The U.S Supreme Court’s decision on June 24, 2022 to overturn Roe v. Wade puts the access to safe abortion at risk for millions of women around the country. In the past few days, many states started banning abortions. The decision to overrule Roe v. Wade has generated enormous controversy as we’ve witnessed many protests […]


Originally published on: Influence Magazine UK by Joelle Awad Imagine spending weeks working on an incredible idea or message to share with your target audience but then having it not supported for most of that audience because you did not use the right format for all of them. As communicators we always try to reach […]

Seven key takeaways from season one of Amplifying Diverse Voices podcast

By Jacob R. Robinson (he/him) “The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people.” Today, we are pleased to bring you seven key takeaways from season one of our Amplifying Diverse Voices podcast. We launched this special project in early 2022 to facilitate bold and provocative DEI/EDI conversations with special guests in […]

Improving your Mental Health with Chetna Bhatt

Chetna Bhatt is a certified executive coach, part-time in-house employment lawyer and speaker. As founder of Being Lawyers, she helps lawyers and other professionals uncover their innate wellbeing so that they can fulfil their potential without the risk of burnout. Setting the scene Chetna once experienced overthinking and overanalyzing, wanting to people-please and continuous worrying, […]


Celina Bibin has joined A Leader Like Me in an internship role as our new Digital Communications Coordinator. In this role, she will be assisting in social media content creation, social media management, business planning and communications. Celina is a recent marketing management graduate who loves strong storytelling and data to make brands more human. […]