Advita Patel – #ThisLittleGirlIsMe campaign

I wasn’t what you’d call a confident child. I was scared of most things, from flying insects to playground slides. They once had to shut down a ride because I was afraid to step off a rotating circle.This carried on throughout my teenage years. It didn’t help that we moved to a town in Manchester […]

Priya Bates – #ThisLittleGirlIsMe campaign

I was in second grade and 8 years old in this picture. I’d come to Canada, from India, when I was three and I was quiet. In the 70’s it wasn’t unusual to deal with overt racism, be called a ‘paki’ and not really feel like you belonged. Things weren’t great at home either, with […]

You Don’t Have to See the Whole Staircase, Just Take the First Step

Prior to joining A Leader Like Me, Shalini Gupta had always been skeptical about programs that focused solely on specific genres. She always believed that integrity, hard work and competence would get a person to where they wanted to go in life. It was not until she was selected for her international secondment to the […]

Taking Ourselves to the Next Level

After being promoted to Head of Communications, Nisha Spearman experienced a lack of self-confidence. Being one of very few people of colour in the senior leadership team compounded those feelings. Nisha joined A Leader Like Me to meet like-minded people who were in a similar position and to work on raising their confidence in a […]

Self Investment for Self Development

We often don’t take time out to invest in ourselves. Our time is always filled with a countless number of responsibilities that we often prioritize over our own self development.  When Prarthna Thakore joined A Leader Like Me she saw it as an opportunity to invest in her self development. In fact, she describes A […]