Stand Out on LinkedIn and Become an All Star

How do you stand out and become an all-star in the number one professional network in the world? How do you stand out from a pool of over 700 million users? Members of A Leader Like Me’s The Nest had the privilege to learn and interact with a powerhouse and global LinkedIn coach, Sabita Singh. […]

You Don’t Have to See the Whole Staircase, Just Take the First Step

Prior to joining A Leader Like Me, Shalini Gupta had always been skeptical about programs that focused solely on specific genres. She always believed that integrity, hard work and competence would get a person to where they wanted to go in life. It was not until she was selected for her international secondment to the […]

Cultivating a Life of Purpose

“It is really important for everyone to expect to make a difference, everyone should strive to have some level of impact and influence in their lives and in their work regardless of the field they work in.” Communications consultant and coach, Trudy Lewis emphasised the importance of impact and influence we each have, during the […]

Taking Ourselves to the Next Level

After being promoted to Head of Communications, Nisha Spearman experienced a lack of self-confidence. Being one of very few people of colour in the senior leadership team compounded those feelings. Nisha joined A Leader Like Me to meet like-minded people who were in a similar position and to work on raising their confidence in a […]

The Power of Presence for Women Who Lead

How do you become the best version of yourself? A Leader Like Me was thrilled to feature international keynote speaker and author of multiple, best-selling books, Carol Kinsey Goman for our Inaugural Master Class in November 2020. Her focus? Leadership Presence. Carol explains, “Leadership presence is not a reflection of your intelligence, competence,technical skills or […]

Self Investment for Self Development

We often don’t take time out to invest in ourselves. Our time is always filled with a countless number of responsibilities that we often prioritize over our own self development.  When Prarthna Thakore joined A Leader Like Me she saw it as an opportunity to invest in her self development. In fact, she describes A […]

Speak Up and Step Up

In a world where women are always fighting to have their seat at the table, it’s easy to be overlooked or fall back on the comfort of lurking in the background. Adena J. White decided it was time for a change and joined A Leader Like Me in the Summer of 2020. On the surface, […]

Diverse perspectives build strength

It’s 2021, and there is a lot of work to do to ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Although there was attention paid and much performance in diversity commitments, this is the year to make progress on real action. The truth is that change will not happen overnight and […]

Are you ready for results? Join us!

When Advita Patel and I imagined A Leader Like Me, we dreamed of the program we each wished we’d had as we navigated our own careers as womxn (she/her and they/them) of colour growing up in two different continents. We identified skills and created a support community and began with our first cohort of 30 […]

Step up and call out my reflections

I first became aware of Sam* when my manager at the time told me we had merged with an organisation and we were going to inherit a new communications lead. My manager had a meeting with Sam first, and when she came back from the conversation, she said: “It went ok, but I think she […]