Creating a focus on diverse leaders in the global Public Relations industry.

The Leader Like Me online conference series gives leaders from under-represented communities a platform to share their stories, struggles, strategies and success with an inclusive audience that needs inspiration and seeks to understand real-life learned experiences. We hope the conference will inspire, motivate and encourage change across various organizations where under-represented groups still don’t feel like they belong. 

We believe that diversity at all levels of organizations is not only good for society, it is good for business and that all individuals – regardless of ability, race, gender, or sexual preference – should be comfortable bringing their whole selves to personal and professional interactions. 

What the conference delivered:

  • Exceptional and informative speakers.
  • Advanced virtual conference experience with online networking and community-building.
  • Access to recorded sessions for 30 days, so you don’t miss a moment.

The Sessions

Who should attend?

Communication and public relations professionals who want to learn and gain further information about diversity across the industry. We will also share insights and inspiration for empowerment, confidence and career progression for those who feel like they don’t belong or have a safe space. We believe that diversity at all levels of organizations is not only good for society but it is good for business. All individuals, regardless of ability, race, gender, or sexual preference, should always feel comfortable to bring their whole selves to any personal and professional interactions – we hope this event inspires and motivates individuals to step up and out – whether as active allies or as voices that need to be heard. 


Get involved

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