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ALLMe S1:E8 Pocstock with Derrick Larane

Are you tired of seeing the same stock imagery that seems to reflect the biases already present in our society?

In episode eight of the Amplifying Diverse Voices podcast, hosted by Priya Bates (she/her) and Advita Patel (she/her), we were delighted to welcome Derrick Larane, Chief Operating Officer @pocstock. Pocstock is a global stock media platform that unapologetically focuses on people of color.

Pocstock tells stories the way they should be told through positive, authentic and representative imagery, boosting the confidence of people of color through initiatives like the crown collection.

Listen now to also learn more about how pocstock hires for diversity and intentional cultural experiences around their international leadership.

All projects at pocstock are mission-driven and give team members the necessary room and space to be successful.

Listen to S1:E8 featuring Derrick Larane of pocstock:

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