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S4:EP4 Building inclusion in everyday moments at PepsiCo with Merima Baralić

In this episode of the podcast “A Leader Like Me,” the hosts, Priya Bates and Advita Patel, interview Merima Baralić, the Director of Communications for PepsiCo Europe.

Merima discusses her personal background and experiences growing up in different countries, as well as her passion for storytelling and its connection to inclusive communication.

She emphasizes the power of communication and storytelling in mobilizing people, igniting emotions, and shifting perspectives.

Advita and Priya also discuss the role of communication professionals in promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace, and Merima shares her tips for communicating inclusively to diverse audiences.

Merima also discusses the culture of inclusivity at PepsiCo and the role of leaders in driving change and creating a safe space for voicing opinions.

She believes that DEI is not dying but rather flourishing, and that organizations need to prioritize people and create a sense of belonging to succeed.

The episode concludes with Merima encouraging listeners to embrace their uniqueness and approach communication from an audience-centric perspective.

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