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S4 EP3: Building a Culture of Diversity with Samantha Thomas-Berry

Creating an environment that empowers authenticity: Insights from Samantha Thomas Berry.

Join Priya Bates and Advita Patel, co-founders of ‘A Leader Like Me’, for another incredible discussion with special guest Samantha Thomas-Berry, VP of Global Talent and Chief Diversity Officer at Kellanova. – A pragmatic and authentic Human Resources leader with over 25 years experience across a range of industries including telecoms and aerospace. She is a strategic business partner delivering commercial success and her coaching approach to leadership ensures she gives the best of herself to, and gets the same in return from, those she is surrounded by.

Featuring personal stories and expert advice, this episode covers the incredible work that Sam is doing to build inclusive cultures across all areas of the global organisation.

If you are passionate about fostering inclusivity, diversity, and belonging in your workplace, this episode will provide all the necessary insights and inspiration.

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