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ALLMe S1:E10 Blackbelt Voices with Adena J. White, APR

ALLMe S1:E10 Blackbelt Voices with Adena J. White, APR

“Some people think that if it is not about me, it is not for me."

To move forward and make progress, we must do it together. When you are used to being centred most of the time, seeing and hearing others -not like you - be centred and focused on, is uncomfortable. We must lean into this discomfort in order to learn and accept.

Tune into S1:E10 to learn about Adena White’s journey of becoming an entrepreneur, founding Blackbelt Media and podcasting. Blackbelt Media is telling the stories of changemakers working to make the South (United States) a better place for all.

Adena is an accredited public relations professional and is also one of the founding members of A Leader Like Me.

Adena also shares thoughts on the current political landscape, Black History Month and how we can take genuine action to foster greater introspection and visibility. To avoid the performative trap, we should aim to exercise diversity and meaningful change all year round.

More ripples create big waves. Allies and advocates can contribute to conversations and appreciate the significance of listening to other people’s points of view.

Listen to S1:E10 featuring Adena J. White of Blackbelt Voices:

Blackbelt Media: https://blackbeltvoices.com/

Blackbelt Voices podcast: https://podcast.blackbeltvoices.com/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5xft6tert0BIx16cndScTn

The Blackbelt voices podcast was named in Oprah’s Vanity Fair as one of the top 15 education podcasts to listen to. It propagates the richness of Black Southern culture by telling the stories of Black folks down South. Through first-person narratives and in-depth conversations, hosts Adena J. White, Kara Wilkins, and Katrina Dupins share the experiences of Black Southerners living in, loving, and reconciling with the region we call home.

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