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ALLMe S1:E11 Breakfast Culture™ with Jefferson Darrell

As people of colour, we often don’t ask for what we deserve.”

On S1:E11, we welcomed Jefferson Darrell, Founder and CEO of Breakfast Culture and thought leader for Culture, Inclusion, Equity & Diversity.

Tune in now to learn about Jefferson Darrell’s change management, intersectionality, marketing communications and EDI/DEI journey, especially in the last decade as DEI/EDI has grown. Although there is a ‘cultural awakening’, especially after the murder of George Floyd, systemic racism continues to be problematic. Jefferson’s personal experiences with systemic racism inspired him to start Breakfast Culture™ to address these issues and support racialized communities.

Moreover, Jefferson shares his tips and insights on what organizations should be looking for when hiring experts as well as appreciation of different DEI/EDI approaches.

Important terminology: Racial battle fatigue (RBF), originally coined by Dr. William Smith: Psychosocial stress responses from being a Racially oppressed group member in society. This also includes mental, physical and emotional challenges that racialized communities face.

Jefferson is the 2021 LGBT+ Business Advocate of the Year award recipient.

Breakfast Culture helps organizations cultivate diverse and inclusive workplace cultures where everyone feels that they can perform to the best of their abilities, resulting in peak performance and improved business results.

Breakfast Culture’s three verticals: marketing communications companies, volunteerism in the HIV/AIDS space, and the arts and cultural space. To improve and foster belonging, Breakfast Culture strategically uses artificial intelligence (AI) and data-driven insights and decision-making to create real change in organizations.

Breakfast Culture is a member of the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce (CBCC) and a certified diverse supplier with the Canadian Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC).

Listen to S1:E11 Breakfast Culture™ with Jefferson Darrell

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