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ALLMe S1:E12 Underline your power, don’t undermine it with Shalini Gupta

Don’t let being a minority hold you back from anything. Underline your power, don’t undermine it. Celebrate yourself.”

In our twelfth and last episode of season one, we welcomed Shalini GuptaShalini GuptaShalini is a founding #ALLME member and #CIPRInside committee member with 15+ years in various communications roles at top FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies across a wide spectrum of internal communications.

Listen now to learn about Shalini’s journey, seismic cultural shifts from India to Dubai to the U.K. and her leadership and success tips throughout.

Empathizing with audiences and sharing her lived experiences has helped Shalini lead successful notable inclusion and well-being campaigns.

In addition, the more you step out of your comfort zone, the more you pull down your detractors. Articulate your achievements and exercise your power. Chairing panels, mentoring others, writing industry blogs and networking are great for growth. 

Having a ‘dual identity’ can bring richness to conservations and is an important part of the belonging piece in DEI/EDI.

Diversity helps organizations receive the right advice and the right council while improving talent retention. One strategy that can help immensely is to “walk the talk”. Seeing someone underrepresented flourish in the industry can encourage more underrepresented people of colour also flourish in the same industry.

Did you know? Dubai is a vibrant cultural melting pot with ‘no one culture’ and welcomes everyone from around the globe from all walks of life.

Shalini describes #ALLME as a “confidential, trusting space and community of exploring challenges, overcoming them and coming out of it all bolder and stronger with great impact and humbling results.”

Listen to S1:E12 Underline your power, don’t undermine it with Shalini Gupta

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