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Amplifying Diverse Voices Season 2: A look at the book journey with Advita and Priya

Advita Patel (she/her) and Priya Bates (she/her), co-hosts of the A Leader Like Me Podcast, recently announced their contract signing with Kogan Page to write a book on communicating diversity, equity, inclusion, inside organisations. This new book will explore the important role of internal communication in supporting DEI/EDI efforts. Exciting times are ahead!

The second season: The book journey 

Unlike our first season, which focused on interviewing influential people in the EDI/DEI space, this season will mainly focus on the book journey taking our viewers through the process of developing, writing and publishing a book that will change the way DEI is seen inside organisations across the globe. 

Season 2 details

Season two episodes will be 10 to 15 minutes in length and released every Wednesday, midday U.K. time.

As of now, two episodes of our second season have been published.

Tune in now to learn about the inspiration behind this exciting new book project, the steps taken to close the gaps and the focus on diversity in authorship. Priya and Advita’s book will be released around this time next year, so make sure to follow the journey by bookmarking our #ALLME podcast page as we explore various chapters in the near future:  

Be part of the writing process

Priya and Advita are inviting you to be part of their book!

If you have any ideas, questions, thoughts, needs and/or case studies, they’d love to hear from you and incorporate your feedback. All you have to do is drop Priya and Advita a note here: 

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