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S3:E2: Helping people unleash their potential, Zahid Mubarik

“Understanding your audience, knowing the business case for what you’re talking about and using the language for whom you’re talking to, that’s a recipe for success.”

– Zahid Mubarik CEO of HR Metrics

In this episode Priya Bates and Advita Patel, co-founders of A Leader Like Me, sit down with Zahid Mubarak, CEO of HR Metrics, an internationally acclaimed thinker, writer, speaker, thought leader and influencer on human capital development with the goal of helping people unleash their potential.

During the episode, they delve into the world of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and how communication professionals can play a pivotal role in fostering inclusivity within organizations. Zahid brings his expertise in HR metrics and global standards to the conversation, emphasizing the importance of measuring DEI efforts to demonstrate their impact.

The episode explores various facets of DEI, including its evolution, global perspectives, and how organizations can effectively communicate their commitment to diversity and inclusion. Zahid’s insights shed light on how to navigate DEI challenges, engage stakeholders, and align HR strategies with broader business objectives.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about the inspiring work Zahid has been doing in the DEI space 

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