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S3:E3: Inclusive Creativity, Vardeep Edwards with Priya

“I think on the whole, it’s a good idea, especially for the big brands to get that voice out there and get those voices represented and heard and to bring that awareness because of the influence that these big brands can have…. And I’d be really interested to see how some of the bigger brands tackle more representation beyond the most obvious ones.”

  • Vardeep Edwards

In this episode, Advita Patel and Priya Bates, Co-founders of A Leader Like Me, host the fabulous Vardeep Edwards, founder of the Branding Fox. 

Vardeep shares her journey from graphic design to branding and discusses the importance of brand strategy. They explore the significance of colour choices in branding and how it reflects one’s personality. 

The conversation also delves into representation in creative fields, with Vardeep sharing her experience as a female founder of South Asian heritage. They touch on the changing landscape of careers and the importance of authentic brand purpose. 

Listen in for insights on branding, authenticity, and the evolving expectations of the younger generations.

A note from Vardeep Edwards:

Hi, I’m Vardeep Edwards and I run The Branding Fox where I help ambitious founders and purpose-led organisations transform their brands into powerful and memorable identities.

Our branding studio helps small businesses to create compelling, cohesive brands that drive growth and attract their target customers. With our expertise in branding strategy, design, and creativity, we’ll work with you to develop a unique, authentic brand that stands out in your industry and makes an impact. Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your brand accurately reflects your business and its values, and we’ll provide ongoing support to help you bring your brand to life across all marketing channels. Partner with us to elevate your brand and drive long-term success.

I am also due to launch a new podcast with Rupa Bharadva to celebrate and champion diverse women, who are smashing it in their businesses. As creative business owners, we’ve found that we don’t often see women like us on podcasts, in magazines and speaking at events, which is a real shame as we know these women definitely exist! In each episode, we will speak to a female founder about the story behind their business. We explore their inspirations; the challenges they’ve faced and how they’ve dealt with them; and, we talk about what they’re yet to achieve.

The Branding Fox 

Vardeep Edwards | LinkedIn 

Vardeep | Branding Specialist (@thebrandingfox) • Instagram photos and videos 

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