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S3:E8: Unmasking DEI: Dr. Jonathan’s Insights on Genuine Inclusion

Inclusion work is not about flags, food, and fun. It’s about execution, strategies, tactics, and most importantly, impact. Let’s move beyond performative gestures and dive into the real conversations that drive change. 

In this episode, Priya and Advita, co-founders of A Leader Like Me are joined by Dr. Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey, a leading expert in diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Dr. Jonathan is a speaker, broadcaster, and inclusion advocate, he holds a PhD from the London School of Economics, infusing academic precision into his work. Dr. Jonathan’s evidence-based approach, fueled by captivating case studies and global perspectives, is the key to building inclusive organizations where everyone thrives. 

Uncover the truth about unconscious bias training, the pitfalls of performative gestures, and the critical importance of evidence-based inclusion

During the episode, Dr. Jonathan highlighted the importance of evidence-based inclusion, emphasizing the need to move beyond generic solutions and understand how diversity uniquely matters to each organization.

Join us as we challenge the norms and explore the real impact of diversity initiatives.

Tune in to be inspired and informed!

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Read also: So Good They Can’t Ignore You  by Cal Newport.

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