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S4:EP2: Diversity, and Belonging in the Workplace: Insights from Garry Clarke-Strange

Join Priya Bates and Advita Patel, co-founders of ‘A Leader Like Me’, in an enriching discussion with special guest Garry Clarke-Strange – a talent acquisition expert passion-driven about inclusivity and diversity. Garry the previous Head of Inclusion and Diversity at Green King, sheds light on his journey and his vision to create workplaces where everyone can thrive.

Featuring personal stories and expert advice, this episode covers the transformative impact of initiatives such as a peer-on-peer support system and the Green King’s ‘I’m not prejudiced but…’ campaign. The power of employee networks in propelling an organization’s inclusivity efforts is also explored.

The episode also delves into the concept of ‘allyship’, the challenges of ensuring that the voices of these groups are heard, and the fatigue and burnout associated with continuous involvement.

If you are passionate about fostering inclusivity, diversity, and belonging in your workplace, this episode will provide all the necessary insights and inspiration.

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